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At Irashai Sushi, we welcome you like friends or family. We believe that food is a way to bring people together, and hope that we can serve as a place to do that. Having grown up in a Japanese household, we only serve you the most authentic Japanese cuisine that we grew up eating. Irashai only uses the highest quality ingredients to ensure that you have the tastiest food on your plate. We want to give you the best dining experience, from the freshness of our food to the service we provide. As a forever improving restaurant, we value our relationship with you and hope to satisfy your many meals to come. With our expertise in cooking and creative innovation, we won't disappoint! Come to Irasahi for unique Japanese flavors and outstanding service that you will never forget.
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Serving the Japanese Sushi & Teriyaki in Boston Chinatown


From the aesthetic choices, mannerisms, and food, Irashai was established to give you the most authentic Japanese experience. Being people who have a Japanese background, we grew up eating these dishes back in our homeland, and now we want to share them with you! Unlike other restaurants, We stays loyal to authentic cuisine. All of our menu items are authentic or heavily inspired by real Japanese traditional flavors.

At Irashai, we do not serve only traditional Japanese dishes but also innovative ones. Our chefs have years of experience in the kitchen and our food illustrates that. From nigiri, sashimi, rolls, and makis to healthier options such as miso soup and salad, we can do it all. All of our menu options are handpicked and carefully selected, as we care about the food we serve you. It isn't just our refined cooking techniques that make our food, but the effort and love we put in. At heart, we are here to serve you only the more freshest ingredients and to give you the best dining experience. With both cooking expertise and quality, we strive to make our food taste the best in the Boston area.


Come to Irasah for the BEST Japanese inspired dishes.
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8 Kneeland Street
Boston, Ma 02111


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